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I had a very pleasant experience with Best in Backyards!
— Valerie
Excellent customer service and process.
— Jordan S.
Easiest company to deal with from start to finish! Thank you!
— Kathleen A.

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In 1983 Desjoyaux Pools patented the pipeless filtration system. Because the filter and pump are part of the pool wall, filtering is more efficient, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and there’s no risk of leaking pipes. Compared to a traditional pool with hundreds of feet of pipe, the Desjoyaux system is less costly, easier to install, more energy efficient, and uses less chemicals.


In 1978 Desjoyaux Pools patented the active casing wall structure. Each form for the walls is made with recycled plastic, and can be configured to fit a pool of any shape or size. The casings are filled with concrete and poured with the floor, creating a monolithic concrete structure that is both strong and completely customizable

Coping and Decking

Desjoyaux Pools can accommodate any size coping and decking commercially available. From thick stone, to pavers, to ceramic tiles, to wood decking, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind oasis around the pool you’ve always dreamed about.


Desjoyaux pools use a reinforced membrane for waterproofing. With multiple colors, texturesand patterns available, there is truly an option for everyone and every style.


You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to stairs, sun decks, benches, and seating. With Desjoyaux, customized entry points and seating are at your fingertips. Our stairs, benches, and decks are made with concrete and block, not plastic or wood. Durable, customizable, and solid, these accessories are the best in the industry.

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